Wednesday, March 18, 2009

UW Term Final - Caelatoris

For our final project for the term, we created an event full of panelists in Medicine, Education, and Business called "Caelatoris". I was the Coordinator for the Business Session. My awesome team was Hasmik Ziplon, CelesteAngelique Zapatero, Joseph Trachtenberg, Sean Ricantaur, Michaal Kaligawa, Yari Huckleberry, Harris Adamski, and Joe Nirvana. I also had the pleasure of working closely with the other session coordinators, Jordanna Hamaski and Laurel Zenovka.

Because two of our panelists didn't make it into Second Life for our questions, Celeste interviewed Sandy Kearney, an Independent Business Researcher, and our instructor Randy Hinrichs.Our team developed awesome questions for our panelist to answer. Sandy Kearney gave us insight and encouragement of our goals in learning about virtual worlds and our place in them. Until recently Sandy could be found working with IBM as a Global Director in the areas of 3D internet (3Di) and Virtual Business. She has over 25 years experience as a Business Analyst working with complex organizations and operations, including military and civilian strategy, aviation, futures planning, and logistics.

My two guests were Bevan Whitfield, a Virtual Worlds Business and Education Specialist, and Coughran Mayo, Senior Vice President of Planning and Development for Preferred Family Healthcare, Inc. who advocates using Second Life and Open Grid.

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