Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween at Common Ground

We had a wonderful Nonprofit Commons Halloween Party at Common Ground! Fab Boo costumes, friends, and awesome tunes spun by DJ LilTank! I continued my disco theme for costumes in Second Life by creating "Shining Star" to remind everyone that are one no matter who they are! ArminasX made my custom particle Nova to match my dress! You just can't have enough orange on Halloween!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The 1st Question

Wow! I was a contestant on the Second Life game show, The 1st Question! Our hosts Pooky Amsterdam and Xanshin Paz, stepping in for Hydra Shaftoe, were fun and funny while making us feel welcome and very smart. Petlove Petshop helped my fellow contestants, Colossus Linden, Keystone Bouchard, and Judi Newall, get set up and comfy for the show. It was my first time center stage on Live SL TV and I learned a lot in the process, as well as, all the exciting questions had amazing answers. The audience and my peeps were there to share their smarts and wit. I really enjoyed myself and thankful that I was asked to be on the show! What a bunch of pros that are educating and entertaining as we all feel like we can be part of what makes Second Life so affective! Wow!