Friday, August 29, 2008

Grayscale - Common Ground @ NPC

The color for this week's theme was Grayscale for the Common Ground Party. Buffy blews us away with her awesome grayscale ball that she could even dance it!
Thank you everyone for attending the parties and dressing with the color themes! To display unity, we have a different color theme every week. Here are the upcoming color themes for 2008: Sept 4 – Black, Sept 11 – White, Sept 18 – Green, Sept 25 – Teal, Oct 2 – Blue, Oct 9 – Purple, Oct 16 – Violet, Oct 23 – Magenta, Oct 30 – Red, Nov 6 – Orange, Nov 13 – Yellow, Nov 20 – Gold, Nov 27 – Brown, Dec 4 – Midnight, Dec 11 – Sunrise, Dec 18 – Midday, Dec 25 – Sunset. You don’t have to dress up, but it is fun to!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Garden for the Missing

Today I visited with Ronnie Rhode at The Garden for the Missing, her personal project to create awareness. We are standing in front of the poster for Jason Jolkowski, the namesake of the Project Jason organization that assists the families of the missing. In the Garden, you will find 170 missing persons notices in a lush and peaceful setting. Take the time to visit and learn more about the 105,000 people that are currently missing in the U.S. Find out how you can help or increase awareness to support those with hope in their hearts.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shopping and Sewing at Ivalde

After a long day of teaching Website Design, my good friend Terra Sorbet and I chilled by hitting the Rezday Sale at Ivalde. To relax even more, I did some sewing to help keep the world beautiful. I made myself a zinnia shirt for those who ask what a zinnia flower looks like. I love zinnia flowers because they stand tall from sturdy stock with compact, ultra bright petals of warm hues reaching high and wide regardless of size.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Glass and Mother of Pearl

Working with the Museum Collective in Second Life has given me a chance to put my design skills to the test. I wanted to share with Kasper the two new textures I made for the museum build, glass bricks and mother of pearl. I'm always learning!

Virtual Ability Island

After the NPC Friday meeting, we got a tour of the new Virtual Ability Island. Their mission is to enable people with a wide range of disabilities to enter into virtual worlds like Second Life, and provide them with a supporting environment once there. It is an amazing build and very impressive instructions for those new to Second Life. It was a delight and inspiring!

Black and White - Common Ground @ NPC

I was so pleased with our practice run of Common Ground @ Plush NPC! Our color theme was black and white and Ricken Flow was our DJ for the night. He spun awesome disco and 80’s new wave tunes for us, while taking IM requests too. We planned for an hour of merriment, but it lasted two ending with a special request of “Moondance” for Ronnie. I decided that the next few Common Ground @ NPC events are going to stay desaturated (void of color – the horror!) like the beginning and end of Wizard of Oz until our grand opening on Sept 18. Then our first color will be green sans scary flying monkeys.

Common Ground @ NPC

Looking over the party set up. Planning and launching a new networking event at Plush Nonprofit Commons has been rewarding and a great learning experience. Several people have been super helpful in the building of the “Party Plaza”, getting the word out, and preparing the music stream. We intend to host this event every Thursday night at 7 PM SLT with a different color theme each week. Our grand opening is September 18 and we have been practicing each week to iron out the kinks. Come dancing!

Wharf Ratz

Every Tuesday Night at 8 PM SLT, Coughran hosts the Wharf Ratz Party at Preferred Family Healthcare on Aloft Nonprofit Commons. Much dancing and dialog happen between people who support all kinds of nonprofit orgs, as well as, guests who are interested in good deeds. This past week, Coughran passed out trampolines for us to bounce on after I described the springboard action of the McMenamins' Crystal Ballroom in Portland. Wheee! While being tossed in the air, I had flashbacks of the documentary I did about the McMenamins' Brew Pubs. Good times and free stout to boot!