Monday, May 4, 2009

Linden Prize goes to Virtual Ability

Virtual Ability won the Linden Prize of $10,000 USD to further their mission of providing resources to help people with real-world disabilities start using Second Life for them to enjoy the medical and psychological benefits offered by virtual environments. Virtual Ability Island is an amazing place with orientation resources and they have an office at Nonprofit Commons as well. Nonprofit Commons was a Finalist for the Linden Prize, something we are all honored about. Congrats to Virtual Ability!

Midterm for University of Washington Program

We had our midterm for my second term of the UW Virtual Worlds program. We toured the University of Washington BioDome sim to review each classmates work. Everyone had great plans for their plot and it was great to see how we all have different projects in mind. I built my educational center with an office, classroom, work area, gallery, and, of course, dancefloor. My theme was inspired by Japanese design. I used the lantern as a symbol of enlightenment, cherry trees mean education, poppies imagination, pearls for wisdom, and woven patterns to connect the tech with the loom. To add splashes of color, I made and posted my create crayons flags about the grounds. I really enjoyed my classmates' work as well. Everyone is very talented and clever.