Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't dream it, be it! Rocky Horror Picture Show at NPC Plush

As part of the Nonprofit Commons Halloween Party, we had three movies at Plush to watch. Buffy and I were keen to watch Rocky Horror so that we could sing along while swinging on my swing. After getting a little seasick, I passed out the Dr. Frank N. Furter pearls and had a seat as others joined the chorus. Buffy was wearing the custom skin I made for her.

Rocky Horror is such a classic and I used to watch it at The Clinton starting in 1984. The Clinton Street Theater has been showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday night since April 1978. (It is the longest running RHPS in the world!)

I always found the message of Rocky Horror clear even if it was covered in fishnet stockings. "Don't Dream It, Be It!"

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